Dear Universe…The Law of Attraction: FEEL Your Way to a Good Day, and Playing the Manifestation Game

Dear Universe…The Law of Attraction: FEEL Your Way to a Good Day, and Playing the Manifestation Game

I'm sure many of you have heard of the Law of Attraction, but how much do you know about it? I know when I first heard those three magic words, I didn’t have a clue. So, before we get into the really, really good stuff, let’s go over the basics of the Law of Attraction for all you cosmic newbies! What is the Law of Attraction?

Put simply, we ALL create our own reality. It is law. That means that whatever we want, we MUST receive, IF – and this is the most important part, we learn to harness the tools we were born with to ‘play the game’.What I mean by this, is that we all have the ability to live the life we desire and that the only person in this whole world that can make it happen, IS US. YOU are the creator, the manifestation machine.

God created us in his image, that means that we are of God, we are God-like. Moses asked God who he was and the Lord replied, “I am that I am.” That does not mean, ‘I am WHAT I am’ as it has been previously misunderstood, God set the bush on fire and simply said that he IS THAT. The key to understanding this is to add in a comma, “I am THAT, I am.” This breaks it up so you can easily understand that by repeating, “I am” God was reinforcing the most important two words – and your key to unlocking ALL your potential, in all of history, I AM.

So the next time you see a loving, happy couple or a mother and her healthy new-born baby, your noisy neighbour pulling up in a Ferrari or your ex winning the lottery (yes, even then!), EMBRACE IT. Feel all that wonderful positivity, all that love and say to yourself, “I am that, I AM.” Because you are being shown all those things for a reason, because through your thoughts you have attracted it into your field of vision and by acknowledging it in a POSITIVE way, you are simply saying, “YES!” To the universe. And that my friends is how you manifest it for yourself.

If you feel any kind of jealously, envy, annoyance, any kind of NEGATIVITY AT ALL, you are basically saying NO to the universe. Now, the confusing part is, the universe DOES NOT know the difference between us saying yes or no, it simply responds to HOW we feel about something. SO, like I have just said, feeling good and positive is basically saying yes to something and if you feel the opposite, negative, envious etc then you are basically saying “No, I don’t want that, I don’t want to be happy, I am jealous of those people always getting what they want, that SHOULD be me.”

If God created us in HIS IMAGE, if we are OF GOD, if God is omnipresent and all-knowing, THEN SO ARE YOU.

Some of you may call it coincidence, some of you may call it God, Source, the Universe, Bob. It simply DOES NOT matter so long as you have a basic understanding of what and how it works. We were not born to just work and pay bills, life is not supposed to be hard but we make it hard. It’s actually a very simple concept once you learn to master your mind, like (now pay attention) ATTRACTS like. “I thought opposites attract?” I hear you cry, well my friends the truth is you simply CAN NOT attract something which you are not. Let me repeat that for you, you CAN NOT attract something which you are not. You with me?

Let’s break it down a little, so you wake up in a mediocre mood, you’re having mediocre thoughts, okay you’re having a MEDIUM day. Things aren’t great but they ain’t bad either, but something starts bothering you and begin feeling a little stressed, then you spill your coffee all over your new shirt and you utter those dangerous words, “what next?” (bad move), your dog has eaten your tie (never liked that one anyway…), this makes you late for work which in turn stresses you out even more (see how we’re spiralling here?) and then to top it all off you get to work and realise, IT’S YOUR DAY OFF!? Wow.

See how you jumped straight from a medium mind-set to full blown stress head? (Happens to the best of us man, don’t worry). Now, lets say you wake up feeling like, Jesus. As soon as you open your eyes you’re filled with gratitude, compassion – you just know you’re gonna have a good day! Your husband brings you breakfast in bed AND flowers (…what’s he done now?), the cat remembered to use the litter tray (for once), you walk down the street and everyone you pass is so friendly and smiley (yes, even that neighbour), you get to work and your boss GIVES YOU A PAY RISE!?
What I’m getting at here is it’s all dependant on, not just your thoughts but more importantly, your FEELINGS. If you start off in a good mood you’re going to attract more goodness but if you start off in a bad mood (or even just a ‘medium’ mood) you’re going to attract more of the same, its just how it works because, LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

I want to go a little more in depth about the feeling aspect of the Law of Attraction, this really is the basis of it all. Yes, it’s to do with your thoughts BUT (big but…) it is your thoughts which CREATE your feelings and your feelings are what manifest. Pay attention to how you feel when you think about a negative experience in your life, it more than likely makes you feel sick.

When you think about a positive experience you’re gonna feel happy, your feelings really are your indicators of where you are at vibrationally. Ever wonder why our attraction towards a specific person is no longer there anymore? You just read it, you are not ATTRACTED to them anymore, you and they are no longer of the same vibrational frequency.

So, you should now have a good understanding of what the Law of Attraction is and a basic idea of how it works, everything I have come to discover I learned from research, research is KEY. Your brain is a sponge, use it. I’ve read a lot of books on the Law of Attraction and I listen to a LOT of meditations and speeches which have proven invaluable.

This is my little Law of Attraction ‘starter kit’ which I recommend if you’re ready to get manifesting your perfect life:

Books and Authors:
  • Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks - pretty deep and powerful stuff, certainly not a beginners guide but I love this book.
  • Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley - do you really need any other book than this? As Mike subtitles it, 'it couldn't be easier' and it really couldn't!
  • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne – a lot of you have probably heard of this already but it is just one of the amazing books in my collection – also, check out, The Secret film on YouTube.
  • The Power also by Rhonda Byrne – if you’re as into LOA as I am then you will want this book in your collection.
  • Becoming Magic by Genevieve Davies – there are three books in this ‘course in manifesting’.

Leeor Alexandra – beautiful lady and beautiful vibes, her videos are straight forward covering all aspects of the Law of Attraction and she talks about her personal experiences with manifesting!

Emma Mumford – the Spiritual Queen herself!

The manifestation game:

I came up with this as a little experiment to see how quickly I could manifest something. The idea is simple, get a small scrap of paper and write the date and time along with, ‘Today I will manifest…’ then write one or a list (can be as long as you like but best to keep it simple at first) of things you want to manifest in a day. Try and think of unique things, if you work in a bank then obviously don’t write, “I want to manifest a £10 note” because you handle those every day. Think outside the box.

So, date, time and ‘Today I will manifest…” followed by your list. Then you fold it in half, on one side write, ‘Dear Universe…’ and on the reverse write, ‘Thank you’. You must say thank you so that you ACT AS IF you’ve already received what you’re asking for. Now put it away in your pocket and FORGET ABOUT IT.

The first time I tried it I had written two things, one happened within AN HOUR in such a unique way, basically things fell off the shelf on me (…) and I found what I was manifesting on top! As soon as you’ve manifested something on your list I want you to write the time next to it and how/where it happened – this will strengthen your belief, making it easier for you to manifest!

I really hope you give it a go and let me know what you manifest, it’s so fun and really gets you excited about what else you can manifest!

Have an awesome day,


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